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  • Ginia Taylor, MA

A Place to Work and Play

This is a drone photo of my parents’ house and the subdivision.

I loved my parent’s property growing up. It was a place for hard work and goofy play—from making creative messes in the kitchen to playing four square in the backyard.

There was much to explore on the property. With five bedrooms, three floors, and cubbies and closets in the most delightful places, the house itself was and is a treasure trove for creativity and imagination.

The world outdoors beckoned as well. My parents’ house sits in a subdivision with a lake in the center. Fishing and boating are neighborhood activities, and I took part in these from a young age. I steered the paddleboats because my legs didn’t reach the paddles.

Yes, it was a great place to grow up. On Saturdays especially I would run through the house or take walks around the lake for the sheer joy of it. I moved away in 2012, but I still take walks around the lake whenever I happen to be visiting.

I mention all this because my parents’ property is on the market at present. Tours are ongoing, and I hope another family will envision themselves living there and having adventures of their own. If you are interested in the property, please contact me at or reach out on Zillow.

Happy reading, and let me know what you think.

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